Success is defined as “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” New Jersey Give a Kid a Dream Champions of Life celebrates the successes of each member of our organization and takes extreme pride in helping everyone realize their potential and become Champions of Life.

Our youth come from a variety of backgrounds and are typically, in their own and other’s eyes, destined for a life of mediocrity at best. CHAMPIONS OF LIFE take pride in celebrating our youth who continue to grow and go on to further their academic and professional lives post high school graduation. We celebrate the small victories and the many firsts they experience with the support of CHAMPIONS OF LIFE program and always encourage them to stay focused and tackle all obstacles impeding the path to their goals. No obstacle is to great with the right support system, focus and never say quit attitude. Every obstacle is a learning experience.

CHAMPIONS OF LIFE is extremely focused on helping create the most well rounded individual possible. CHAMPIONS OF LIFE is devoted to empowering its youth through mind and body.  Our members learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle leading to shedding extra weight as well as learning to cope with emotional and physical challenges they may face in their personal lives.

It is also very important that we celebrate those that support CHAMPIONS OF LIFE as it is them who believe in the positive impact of the program. Some supporters were once members of the program and through experiencing the impact it had on their lives return to help, support and mentor others.

Above all we rejoice in the youth we serve who continue to defy the odds and strengthen the community!

National studies have shown that in many urban communities 30% to 40% fail to meet the criteria to obtain their high school diplomas.  This is a community failure and not an individual failure. We believe that we are only as strong as our foundation and our youth are our foundation. 100% of our youth obtained their high school diploma and continue building their positive legacy.

Recent review national statistics have shown that the CHAMPIONS OF LIFE absenteeism or truancy dropped below the average of 10%. Additionally, the GPA (Grade Point Average) of CHAMPIONS OF LIFE youth was above the national average which is a significant improvement from before the program began. Prior to beginning operations, the GPA was below the national average which was and always will be unacceptable to the CHAMPIONS OF LIFE family.

It is clear that founder Jackie Atkins has a vision of using her skills and life experiences to build an organization of people with the same values, varying skills, and life experiences who embrace the goal of giving everyone a fighter’s chance and making them Champions of Life.

In addition, CHAMPIONS OF LIFE has received awards from numerous social service industries, including the Monmouth County Department for Social Services.