NJGAKAD Dining Experience Gives Life Skills to Youth

At NJGAKAD, we train more than just proper boxing technique; We prepare our kids for life. Youth in the program received valuable life skills training during a dining experience at Buona Sera Ristorante in Red Bank, New Jersey. A group of 34, including Coach Jackie and two other chaperones, dined on a five-course meal while learning proper etiquette for a formal restaurant, a first time experience for many of our youth.

While dressed in their best dinner attire, young men learned how to properly escort young ladies to a vehicle as well as common chivalry inside the restaurant. Youth learned the ins and outs of informal and formal dining, all while engaging in lively discussion in a mannerly way. Restaurant staff helped to assist in the teaching, showing the youth table manners, how to order from a menu and demonstrating the proper way to utilize different utensils. The executive chef formally introduced himself to the group, who were in awe with his credentials and the delicious food.

Other diners were so impressed at the excellent behavior of the group and many noted how they didn’t realize a table of more than 30 children were even present in the restaurant. We received several compliments from fellow diners about how mannerly and respectful the youth were. One patron even came to ask how to get involved with the foundation, an occurrence we are proud to say was not the first time during a group outing.

NJGAKAD strives to include life skills such as the etiquette of dining into our programming because we know that for busy parents, life comes fast and there’s often no time to learn common skills for adulthood. As our children grow and mature, everyday skills such as formal dining, engaging in polite discussion and social etiquette are essential to help them become Champions of Life.

Special thank you to Chris, Mike and all Buona Sera Ristorante staff!

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