new program Girls in gloves to launch in atlantic city

The New Jersey Give a Kid a Dream (NJGAKAD) proudly announces a programming opportunity in Atlantic City dedicated to young girls, GIRLS in GLOVES. This program is in collaboration with the Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame. Created for girls between the ages of 8 and 16, GIRLS in GLOVES aims to teach young women all about the “self,” including self-defense, self-worth, self-confidence, self-awareness, self-empowerment, self-control and, most importantly, self-love.

It’s more than just the gloves we wear in boxing; Women are warriors who wear many hats in life. GIRLS in GLOVES will bring young women together for essential programming all females need to become champions of life. At a time when women’s boxing is more important and popular than ever before, GIRLS in GLOVES will unite and inspire young ladies to achieve greatness in the ring and in life.

Girls in Gloves is a program started by retired AT&T Bell Labs executive and former world boxing champion, Jackie Atkins in 2019.  The program’s main purpose is to create a movement to empower young women to play big, dream bigger and provide the game plan to turn their dreams into a reality.

Girls in Gloves founder, Jackie Atkins

Envision a world where girls have the same chance as a boy of becoming anything she wants, where girls have just as many female heroes to choose from as males, and where girls have no limits or boundaries and continuously redefine and demonstrate what they can do.

Girls in Gloves will cover topics and focal points every session met. The program will bring in powerful women from various backgrounds and professions to empower and inspire girls to dream as high as the sky. There are no limits.

Girls in Gloves members will be part of a community where they will get constant validation and stability to build character through skills, technique training and resources. Our girls will be challenged to exceed any glass ceiling created by a society that expects girls to be saved by a prince.  Our Girls in Gloves girls will save themselves and, in the process, elevate all the girls in their surrounding by igniting and sustaining the fire inside.

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