Girls In Gloves


Girls in Gloves will cover empowerment modules every session. The program will bring in powerful women from various backgrounds and professions to empower and inspire girls to dream as high as the sky. There are no limits. Kicking off 2021 with Sustaining health and wellness – Embrace self, learning self-care and self-defense… our approach to self-defense will include Krav Maga and Boxing.

The curriculum includes lessons ranging all the way from self-love to self-defense. Girls in Gloves seeks to remind young women that life has no limits when you are empowered from within. 


  • Elegant Etiquette: Girls will learn rules of etiquette.
  • Creative Expression: Works to leveraging one’s creative skills for highly effective verbal and non-verbal communications.
  • Self Defense: Learning situational awareness and the art of defending the health and well-being of oneself.
  • Raising the Bar: Defining success and goal-setting to rise above.
  • We SHALL Overcome: Girls will be taught to overcome adversity and move forward in times of global unrest
  • You GO GIRL!: practices poise and presence, walk the walk – strut your stuff, dining etiquette, strike the pose, royalty arrives
  • SOAR: goal setting (academic, family, personal goals), my ROAD to success, vision boards

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Improved grades and higher graduation rates
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Lower levels of adolescent depression, drug use & teen pregnancy
  • Positive body image and self-image
  • Reach higher states of psychological well-being
  • Constructive use of free time with a connection of their community

Girls in Gloves members will be part of a community where they will get constant validation and stability to build character through skills, technique training and resources. Our girls will be challenged to exceed any glass ceiling created by a society that expects girls to be saved by a prince. Our Girls in Gloves girls will save themselves and in the process, elevate all the girls in their surrounding by igniting and sustaining the fire inside.

Partners: Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame, Office of the Mayor Atlantic City, SparBar USA, FantaSea Resorts, City of Long Branch, Gleasons Jersey Shore Gym