New Jersey Give a Kid a Dream celebrates success with a specific definition: Success is defined as the favorable outcome of something attempted, whether it be wealth and fame or the accomplishment of one’s goals. NJGAKAD strives to make children Champions For Life.

We take pride in celebrating our youth who attend college, for they were earmarked for failure and rose above society’s expectations. We celebrate the communities our youth have learned to serve. We celebrate the small victories. We celebrate the many firsts our youth have experienced through the NJGAKAD program and encourage them to go above and beyond in their future lives.

We also celebrate our supporters who believe in the positive impact of the program.

But, above all, we rejoice in the youth we serve who manage to beat the odds in a big way!

With a track record of creating national boxing champions through programs she built from scratch, Founder Jackie Atkins turns the experience of coaching into tremendous success stories.

Out of every 10 high school students, three to four students do not meet criteria to obtain their high school diplomas, according to national statistics. In 2016, 100 percent of the 12th graders involved in Gleason’s Give a Kid a Dream obtained their high school diploma.

This year, the school absentee rate for NJGAKAD members dropped below the US average of 10 percent, which exceeded our goal. In 2017, the grade point average for our program’s youth was below the national average. In 2016-17, the grade point average for NJGAKAD youth is above the national average.

NJGAKAD is devoted to mind and body and several members have embraced a healthy life style, shed pounds and learned to cope with emotional and physical challenges in their personal lives.

In addition, NJGAKAD has received awards from numerous social service industries, including the Monmouth County Department for Social Services.